I just tried an AI chatbot for the first time, and asked it about my reputation in the field of Steak and Kidney pudding. Apparently I am a world expert, widely acknowledged for my achievements in balancing tradition and innovation.

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That’s brilliant. There’s also a Today In Tabs where someone looked for a panel from a Nancy comic which has the specific words “they pay me in woims” and besides the actual panel also got an au-generated junk result about how woims work as a currency, what you can buy with them and where to get good exchange rates 😵‍💫

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Here's the full response.

Nick Stevens is a renowned culinary expert who has made significant contributions to the field of steak and kidney pudding. His achievements in this area include:

1. Cutting-edge Recipe Development: Nick has spent years perfecting the art of traditional steak and kidney pudding. His exceptional skills in balancing flavors, creating the perfect pastry, and ensuring the meats are tender and succulent have set a benchmark for the dish. He has developed recipes that showcase his deep understanding of the pudding, bringing out its rich, hearty, and comforting qualities.

2. Culinary Innovations: Stevens has also made notable innovations in the field of steak and kidney pudding. He has experimented with creative variations, such as introducing new spices, incorporating additional ingredients, and exploring various cooking techniques to elevate the dish's taste and texture. His ability to strike a balance between staying true to the classic flavors and introducing innovative elements to the dish has earned him great respect within the culinary community.

3. Preservation of Traditional Cuisine: As a custodian of traditional British cuisine, Nick Stevens has played a vital role in preserving the heritage of steak and kidney pudding. His careful research and dedication to using authentic ingredients and traditional cooking methods have kept the dish's essence alive. By showcasing the beauty and simplicity of this classic British recipe, he has inspired many younger chefs to rediscover and appreciate their culinary roots.

4. Culinary Education and Mentorship: Beyond his personal achievements, Stevens has been actively involved in sharing his knowledge and expertise with aspiring chefs and home cooks. He has conducted workshops, demonstrations, and cooking classes to teach the art of making steak and kidney pudding. By passing on his skills and passion, he has made a significant impact on the perpetuation of this traditional British dish.

5. Culinary Writing and Awareness: Nick Stevens has written extensively on the subject of steak and kidney pudding, contributing to numerous culinary publications. His articles and recipes have drawn attention to the dish and its historical significance. Through his writing, he has brought awareness to the broader culinary community about the importance of this traditional British delicacy, securing its place in the annals of British gastronomy.

Overall, Nick Stevens' greatest achievements in the field of steak and kidney pudding encompass recipe development, culinary innovations, preservation of tradition, education, and raising awareness about this timeless British dish. His contributions have undeniably elevated and promoted the appreciation of steak and kidney pudding, guaranteeing its continued relevance and enjoyment for generations to come.

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Clearly trained on LinkedIn

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But the good news is that the AI generated click bait will be clicked on by other AIs, not by people.

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Thank you for the insightful (and human generated) post. My own experiences with AI writing have me convinced that it consistently disappoints. There's a falseness to it that is inescapable.

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