I think it's interesting that so much of the commentary on quote tweets assumes that they are one thing.

They are actually two things:

The first is a visual representation of a nested tweet.

The second is a list of quote tweets indexed off the original.

I think it's the index that actually drives the pile-on harassment. People love to scroll through a tweet that is heavily quote tweeted and look at all the dunks.

(I think the first is readily available on Mastodon, just choose a client that does it. The second may not be at all?)

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So far, I'm finding Bluesky quite nice, if I stay away from the 'What's Hot' feed. I rather like that fact that it's quiet, that I can literally reach the end of what's been posted by my friends, and that the conversation there feels genuine and rather like the early days of Twitter. However, they haven't thought anywhere near hard enough about how they are going to shape the community, so once the velvet rope has been removed, they'll have exactly the same problems as everywhere else.

Btw, I'll let you have my next invite code, if you don't get one before then!

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